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Light Microscopy & Image Analytics

Multiple scanning and imaging devices feature state-of-the-art technology, where researchers can analyze and generate an array of digital images from millions of tissue and blood samples to advance scientific discovery.

Some of our capabilities include:
  • Imaging of immunohistochemistry (IHC) and fluorescent stains
  • Live cell imaging
  • Image annotation
  • Image analysis of multiplex IHC and fluorescent stains
  • Morphometric measurements

Research pathologists are available for pathology review of stained slides and for annotation of regions of interest for image analysis.

Imaging Services
  • Imaging of human and animal cells and tissues on glass slides
  • Confocal and light sheet microscopy

Fibroblast cells stained for Vimentin, Tublin, and Actin

Sympathetic innervation to the mouse stomach using whole organ tyrosine immunofluorescence, optical tissue clearing (iDisco), light sheet confocal microscopy and 3D reconstruction.

Imaging Analysis Services
  • Digital quantification analysis of fluorescence and brightfield images, as well as slide scans with single or multiple probes
  • Web-based interface to access, view and analyze images

Example figure from a digital image analysis quantification.

StrataQuest by TissueGnostics

The image describes detection of CD8 positive staining and nuclear segmentation (Bose Lab).

As histology methods are evolving in routine diagnostics, pathology as well as in basic research, multiplex labeling strategies are getting established to characterize diseases and also to understand the molecular interdependencies. These situations require measurements of simultaneously determined markers, patterns and functions which in turn, need to be analyzed with high precision. StrataQuest is a stand-alone software for analyzing large digital multiplex images obtained from various slide-scanning platforms such as TissueFAXS, Aperio, and Axioscan microscopes. StrataQuest is TissueGnostics company’s most evolved image-processing solution for both brightfield and fluorescence images. With this software, researchers can quickly obtain quantitative analysis data like cell sorting and cell cluster feature on a digital slide.

Imaris (Bitplane) is designed to provide automated quantification of fluorescent 3-dimensional image analysis. With the most updated version, iMaris can perform isosurface rendering, object detection/counting, filament tracing/particle tracking, quantitative co-localization and distance measurements that are extremely useful for a variety of biological experiments and applications.

iMaris supports most microscope formats on the market including images collected by Zeiss, Leica and Olympus acquisition software.

Nanostring GeoMX Digital Spatial Profiling (DSP)

GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler is a novel platform developed by NanoString. Digital Spatial Profiling is based on nCounter® barcoding technology and enables a spatially resolved digital readout of up to 96 proteins or RNA targets in a multiplexed assay. The assay relies upon antibody or RNA probes coupled to photocleavable oligonucleotide tags. After simple-step hybridization of probes to slide-mounted formalin fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue sections, the oligonucleotide tags from ROI are released by UV exposure and quantitated in a standard nCounter assay, yielding a spatially resolved digital profile of analyte abundance. Given this novel technology, one can easily generate data from FFPE tissue with multiplex protein/RNA detection, quantitative (nonamplified) readout, and high throughput. 

  • Quantify up to 96 proteins and over 1000 RNA targets with spatial context
  • Process 10-20 slides/day with readout on the nCounter® System or with NGS
  • Preserve precious samples with nondestructive processing

Microscopy and Imaging Instrumentation

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