Biobehavioral Research Core

The Biobehavioral Research Core assists in all aspects of behavioral testing in rodents, including the execution of behavioral tests, the development of experimental designs and the submission of Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) protocols, as well as analysis of data and preparation of scientific reports. Behavioral testing in rodents ranges from the assessment of general health and neurological function (i.e., sensory and motor function) to the measurement of complex behaviors such as social interaction, memory and learning.

The Biobehavioral Research Core provides assistance for the development of testing schedules with standard and/or custom batteries of behavioral tests.

Standard Neurobehavioral Assessment
Behavioral Phenotyping
Undesirable Behavioral Effects of Drugs and Biologics
User Information

New users (PI and/or knowledgeable laboratory member) are required to meet with the Biobehavioral Research Core director to discuss and evaluate the needs of the investigator.

Current users are also encouraged to meet with the Biobehavioral Research Core director to discuss new research projects.

All users must read and sign the Guidelines for Equipment Use and the Facility Decontamination Protocol forms prior to gain access to the Biobehavioral Research Core.

The Biobehavioral Research Core is equipped with state of the art research instrumentation for use by our research community.

The Biobehavioral Research Core offers a broad range of services including consultation, tecnician services, and facility access.

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