Services and Prices

The Biobehavioral Research Core offers several options to Cedars-Sinai investigators for the assessment of rodent behavior. Prices vary depending on the services chosen, the number of animals and the time required for testing. Upon request, a cost estimate can be provided prior to the start of the study.

Biobehavioral Research Core Hourly Rates

No-Cost Consultation

The Biobehavioral Research Core director meets with the investigator and/or a knowledgeable laboratory member to discuss the investigator's needs (animal models, behavioral tests, timeline, etc.).

Professional Fee: $100/Hour

The Biobehavioral Research Core staff is involved in the development of experimental design, the submission of IACUC protocol, the analysis of data (compilation, organization, statistics, and interpretation) and/or the preparation of reports (progress reports, manuscripts, and grant proposals). When requested, the Biobehavioral Research Core staff will develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) and reports that follow FDA regulations and guidance for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) to satisfy the requirements for investigational new drug (IND) application.

Technician Fee: $100/Hour

The biobehavioral research facility staff conducts the behavioral testing and provides the compiled and organized data to the investigator.

Assistance Fee: $75/Hour

The Biobehavioral Research Core provides training and/or direct supervision to the investigator's laboratory staff. The core also provides the compiled and organized data to the investigator.

Facility Fee: $50/Hour

The investigator's laboratory staff uses the testing equipment in the Biobehavioral Research Core after completing of adequate training. The core still provides indirect supervision.


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