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Technology continues to advance, driving down costs of sequencing. This has led to a surge in data available to individual researchers, while also allowing them to initiate studies with much bigger patient cohorts, an option previously only privy to larger organizations and cancer centers. However, a shortage in analytical help, post data acquisition, and especially in the field of cancer, has led to the creation of the Bioinformatics Shared Resource at Cedars-Sinai. Our focus is to become a one-stop shop for all things cancer—to aid our researchers and clinicians in all respects: from experimental design, to choosing the right technology for their research goals, to conducting a complete and thorough analysis, to continuing communication post-delivery of results to ensure that everything is clear and easily digestible. To facilitate this, we will be leveraging both publicly available (and community-tested) pipelines as well as internal analysis pipelines, in conjunction with the expertise of our core bioinformaticians who are well-trained in the fields of cancer biology, to generate dependable results as part of our core output. And for more sophisticated projects, we will work with you on a personal level to make sure that we are appropriately handling the data.

State-of-the-art research instrumentation is available for self-use and instrumentation training for personnel who want to reserve and use instruments on their own.

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The Bioinformatics Shared Resource offers a broad range of services including next-generation sequencing applications, quality control, high-throughput qPCR applications and bioinformatics.

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Our specialized team of scientists are uniquely qualified to manage the most complex datasets and analyses.

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