Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Core's hardware includes:
  • Ten Dell personal computers (Intel®Xeon®Quad-Core processors 3.00 GHz or above) refreshed quadrennially, running Windows 7® and Linux operating systems
  • Available software includes standard statistical packages such as SAS (version 9.3), R (version 2.15.1), Minitab (release 16), StatXact (version 9), LogXact (version 9) and Stata/SE (version 10.1)
  • Sample size and power computation applications such as PASS 11, and custom-written applications
  • Tools for methodology research such as Mathematica (version 8), Intel® FORTRAN (version 11.0), Microsoft® Visual Studio  2008 Pro, NAG Fortran Library Mark 16, Cygwin (version 3.2.51),  WinBUGS (version 1.4.3); and a number of publicly available tools for microarray data analysis such as Bioconductor (version 2.10) and SAM (version 4.0)
  • Additional free software developed by our group includes EWOC standalone (version 3.1.3), Web-EWOC (version 1.0) and HWDIAG (version 2.0)
Department Developed Software
Customized Open Source Software for Investigator Use
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