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Comparative Medicine

The Department of Comparative Medicine is dedicated to the facilitation of biomedical research utilizing animals, while striving to maintain the highest quality of ethical, humane and appropriate animal care. The Department is committed to continuing to improve the quality of services provided to research investigators for the purpose of improving the health of humans and animals.


To assist research investigators in the work that can, at its best, lead to groundbreaking medical discoveries and positively affect millions of lives, the program offers these dedicated support services:


  • Consultation in animal research or teaching study design
  • Assistance in completion and submission of required documents to Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
  • Biomethodology training for all animal species used in research and teaching
  • Animal ordering, receipt, housing and maintenance of all animal species used in research and training
  • Animal research support: medication/experimental substance administration, specimen collection, physiologic monitoring, anesthesia induction and monitoring, rodent breeding, colony monitoring, etc.
  • Veterinary care for all animal species used in research and training
  • Diagnostic necropsy services and specimen collection
  • Maintenance of all vivarium facilities
  • Maintenance of all required documentation to assure compliance with AAALAC International standards and the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations
  • Maintenance, operation and oversight of core experimental surgical facilities
  • Maintenance and operation of veterinary diagnostic laboratory
  • Maintenance of laboratory animal‐specific reference library
  • Transport of rodents between Davis and AHSP buildings
  • Assistance in export of rodents to other facilities
  • Assistance in import of rodents from non‐commercial sources


Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact us if you have questions or wish to learn more about the Department of Comparative Medicine, please call or send us a message.