Services and Prices


Analyzer Training

Free for new users, $300 for retraining


First hour free, $100/hour afterwards

Cell Sorting


Assisted Acquisition

$100/hour for all analyzers

FlowJo Data Analysis


Cell Staining



Left instrument “on” overnight


Unauthorized user using instrument

$150 + instrument-using fee

Analyzer User Training

Customized training of new users to operate analyzers according to their experimental needs. Training includes analyzer sample acquisition, experiment setup in software, data recording and exporting, and troubleshooting of the analyzer machines and their respective software. 


Provided by experience Flow core staff member to assist with fluorescent panel design, including choice of appropriate flow cytometry required control samples.

Cell Sorting

Isolation of cell populations of mammalian, bacteria and fungi, including biohazard-containing samples to be used for cell culture or biochemical studies; isolation of single cells for cloning or gene expression studies. Performed by core personnel only (customized to investigator’s needs).

Up to 6 populations of interest can be sorted at a time, and can be sorted into 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes, 5 ml and 15 ml Falco tubes, or 96 well plates. 

Sample Analysis

Analysis of cell surface and intracellular molecules to study cell phenotype and function (e.g. cell death, proliferation, detection of secreted factors, molecular interactions, cell signaling). Performed by investigators. Analyzer machines are maintained by core staff (QC performed daily) and are available for use 24/7.  Before gaining access to analyzer machines, investigators need to be trained by core staff.

Assisted Acquisition On Analyzer

Experienced Flow Cytometry Core staff members are available to perform acquisition of samples (stained by the investigators) in any of the analyzer machines.

Data Analysis

Performed by experienced Flow Cytometry Core staff members and tailored to project needs. Can include preparation of final FACs figures for publication.

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