The core facility houses a variety of equipment for cloning, expression and purification of bacterially expressed recombinant proteins; this includes vectors for ligation-independent cloning (LIC), numerous strains of E. coli for expression of challenging constructs and a refrigerated incubator for large-scale production of temperature-sensitive proteins. For large-scale purification, the lab has a GE AKTA Purifier FPLC system equipped with a variety of columns for size exclusion, affinity and ion exchange chromatography.

A SensíQ® Pioneer SPR system is available for characterizing protein-ligand interactions. The machine has three channels and includes an autosampler and two temperature-controlled slots for SBS-footprint deep-well blocks. This instrument offers a significant advantage over the more frequently used GE BiaCore models as it can derive kinetic parameters from single "OneStep" injections.

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