Services and Prices

Molecular Therapeutics Core Service Charges
(1a) Pilot Recombinant Protein production

a. De novo expression vector construction, PCR, sequence verification


b. Expression of recombinant protein in bacterial host:

Induction test

Growth (4L)

Lysis (1L culture)

Ni-NTA purification

SEC chromatography






(1b) Large-scale protein production

Price will depend on protein yield and choice of host.

(2) Biophysical characterization

a. Protein-ligand interaction using Biacore


b. Protein-ligand interaction using ITC




(3) Molecular modeling and drug design:

a. De novo drug design


b. Development and analysis of molecular models


X-ray crystallographic service fee: Crystallographic service is highly dependent on the nature of the study, and there are no standard fees to compare to. Most institutions have adopted a cost-basis based on the extent of usage. In line with other facilities, such as City of Hope and UCLA, the structural core has adopted a three-tier system for fees for crystallographic studies that takes into account the variability in the time it takes to successfully obtain structures.

Services and Prices

1. Pilot study - Eight crystallization screen conditions and exploratory diffraction studies to estimate crystal quality


2. Simple solutions - Collect diffraction data and determine structure using molecular replacement and model refinement; includes structure analysis

Additional $8,000

3. Full service (complex projects) - Heavy atom search, data collection at high-energy source, structure determination by MAD/SAD/MIR/SIR, refinement, structure analysis

Additional $12,500/quarter

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