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Cedars-Sinai Precision Biomarker Laboratories

Cedars-Sinai Precision Biomarker Laboratory: Our Story

From biomarker discovery to commercialization, we are here to meet your needs.

Cedars-Sinai Precision Biomarker Laboratories
Proteomics Contract Research
  • Early research and discovery
  • Offers menu of ready-to-go clinically relevant targeted biomarkers
  • Leverages mass spectrometry technology and expertise
Commercial Development
  • Translation of medical discoveries into clinical products
  • Investigators access:
    • Clinical expertise
    • Advanced technology platforms
    • Clinical cohorts
    • Bioinformatics infrastructure, data analysis
Clinical Specialty
  • Completes translation to clinical application
  • Develops assays with defined clinical validity
  • Supports validated assays from external sources (e.g. niche products, those wanting clinical support for results interpretation)

Accelerate your breakthrough drugs and diagnostics


Maximize your development success by leveraging our expertise and capabilities in target discovery, testing and clinical trials.

  • • Expertise to quickly discover the right target for your next breakthrough drug
  • • Precise data and support to guide fast go/no-go decisions at any step in the development pathway
  • • Customized and integrated solutions that fully support your asset launch goals

Accelerate your test commercialization efforts with our novel proteomics solutions and access to clinical resources, supporting biomarker validation, test panel optimization and clinical testing.

  • • Clinical infrastructure and expertise to establish biomarker validity
  • • Rapid targeted panel development through optimization of protein assays
  • • Discovery, development and clinical testing to complement and advance your efforts

The value of proteomics: It's about time.

Proteomics can provide insights into:
  • Timing of an event
  • Impact of multiple disease states
  • Real-time response to treatment
Proteomics Risk over Time Graph

Proteomics reflects accumulated disease risk and is an accurate indicator of current physiological status.

Propelling proteomics with mass spectrometry

Mass spectrometry-based proteomics enables efficient development of high throughput assays for precise characterization and quantitation of proteins.

  • Quantifies circulating biomarkers that could represent new functionally relevant pathways
  • Provides the strong mechanistic understanding required to influence the development of therapeutics
  • Enables rapid transition of assays from discovery to clinically valid Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)

Meet Our Experts

Jennifer Van Eyk

Dr. Van Eyk is an international leader in proteomics, focused on developing technical pipelines for large scale quantitative mass spectrometry methods, including targeted and de novo discovery. Her team developed automation systems for cost- and time-efficient sample preparation for mass spectrometry and data analytics. She also created pipelines to quantify post-translational modifications and better understand the disease-induced interplay between cellular pathways.

Cory Bystrom

Dr. Bystrom serves as Translational Laboratory director at Cedars-Sinai, where he is responsible for novel biomarker validation and commercialization. Prior to joining Cedars-Sinai, he directed research and development at Cleveland Heart Lab and commercialized a multiplex proteomic diagnostic test focusing on HDL functionality.

Anders Berg

Dr. Berg is CLIA director at Cedars-Sinai. He is a board-certified clinical pathologist with specialization in clinical chemistry and hematology. In addition, Dr. Berg is also an National Institutes of Health-funded scientist with specific interests in clinical assay development, mass spectrometry and the pathophysiology of diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Nicole Leonard

Nicole Leonard has more than 20 years of experience in research administration and technology transfer. She is a mission-driven leader who passionately supports and advocates for academic research enterprises. At Cedars-Sinai, she is responsible for teams in Sponsored Research and Funds Administration, Comparative Medicine, Research Facilities, Research Compliance and Quality Improvement. She is also a liaison with Technology Ventures and responsible for system-wide clinical trials.

Working with Precision Biomarker Laboratories

Working with Cedars-Sinai Precision Biomarker Laboratories

We focus on recognizing and meeting the individual needs of each client. Whether you use one—or all—of the services offered in our labs, our scientists become your team of experts.

  • Our services are available on a fee-for-service basis
  • Flexible capabilities spanning discoveries, validation and CAP/CLIA-certified clinical testing, offered as individual services or an integrated solution
  • Our experts customize solutions to address your unique project goals and challenges

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