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The Bioinformatics team is a group of passionate, highly skilled individuals who solve the problems that face today’s researchers in ’omics-driven healthcare. The team collaborates with researchers, clinicians and industry partners to deliver end-to-end research workflows for high-throughput data analysis, data visualization, data reporting and downstream biological insights.

Our comprehensive services include: new assay development, small molecule metabolomics, lipid metabolomics, discovery proteomics, targeted MS-based proteomics, quantitative immunoassays, and multi-omic assay and data integration.

The Proteomics and Metabolomics Core is defined by technically diverse instrumentation with the most advanced technologies available to the fields of proteomics, metabolomics and quantitative immunoassays. Using these technologies, expert staff are dedicated to the identification and quantitative analysis of analytes from biological matrices, including proteins, peptides, small molecule and lipid metabolites.

Working With Us

We used MitoPlex to evaluate mitochondrial content in the C2C12 cell line before and after differentiation to muscle tubes, and in muscle tissue under basal conditions and in response to statin administration. MitoPlex provided a much clearer and comprehensive characterization of mitochondrial protein content than we had previously achieved with western blot using Abcam’s 5-antibody cocktail. MitoPlex also provided an excellent characterization of the mitochondrial composition in the two main types of skeletal muscle fibers and revealed the impressive changes after statin administration. We are enthusiastic about the sensitivity and comprehensiveness of the MitoPlex assay. Combined with metabolomics (also available through the Core) and Seahorse respirometry, we are able to develop a detailed characterization of energy metabolism in cells and tissues."

Roberta Gottlieb, MD

Professor of Medicine
Vice Chair of Translational Medicine, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Director of Molecular Cardiobiology
Dorothy and E. Phillip Lyon Chair in Molecular Cardiology

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