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Suspension Cell Mass Cytometry

Flow Cytometry vs. Mass Cytometry. A ten-parameter flow cytometry panel demonstrating the significant spectral overlap between the fluorochromes. In comparison, mass cytometry involves the collection of mass spectral data in distinct channels encompassing a wider range with very little overlap into neighboring channels.

Imaging mass cytometry of melanoma brain metastasis. Tissue section of brain metastases from melanoma patients stained simultaneously for: Cell Identification-Ir191 (A), CD8a-Dy162 (B), CD4-Gd156 and TIM-3-Sm154 (C), CD163-Sm147 and CD68-Nd150 (D), HLA-DPQDR-Sm149 and SOX10-Yb173 (E), SOX10-Yb173 and CXCL12-Yb172 (F), and SOX10-Yb173 and HLA-E-Sm152 (G).

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