Cancer Institute Membership

Membership Criteria

Membership in Cedars-Sinai Cancer (CSC) is available to scientists and clinicians who have an interest in cancer, delivery of cancer care, cancer-related research, clinical trials and training, and who meet the criteria outlined below. Membership is also available to collaborators from other National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Cancer Centers or research institutions who meet criteria below.

Member, Core*
A Core Member (the only category included in the CCSG) is an investigator on the faculty track who is actively conducting basic, translational, clinical and/or population-based cancer research on an ongoing basis and meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Principal Investigator (PI), multi-PI, or Project Leader of an independent peer-reviewed cancer research award or career development award.
  • PI of an investigator-initiated cancer clinical trial (local or national).
  • Clinician accruing a minimum of 10 patients to interventional treatment cancer trials per year and/or provides leadership within the center’s clinical research enterprise, including the DRGs, PRMC and DSMC.
  • Faculty at the Assistant Professor or equivalent level recruited to the institution through
    support from the cancer center within the past 3 years with the explicit intention of establishing a cancer research effort.
  • Faculty who plays a critical role in cancer focused team-based science and/or provides critical leadership in cancer research-based shared resource services and/or cancer research education.

Member, Enterprise
Enterprise Members include investigators who contribute to the overall mission and goals of the cancer center such as providing patient care and clinical education service but do not satisfy the criteria for Core Members. These members would not be included in the CCSG.

*NOTE: With the Core Member category (synonymous with CCSG member), a center should strive to have 80% of its members with peer-reviewed funding. The remaining 20% would be clinicians driving clinical research, SR directors, and junior faculty with career development awards or newly recruited to the center.

Apply For Cancer Institute Membership

Membership is available to Cedars-Sinai faculty and medical staff who have an interest in cancer, delivery of cancer care, cancer-related research, clinical trials and training.