Privileges & Responsibilities of Membership

Benefits of Membership

In addition to the benefits listed above for all members, core members enjoy the following:

  • Inclusion in P30 Cancer Center Support Grant for National Cancer Institute designation.
  • Use of Cedars-Sinai Cancer managed Shared Resources at subsidized rates depending on resource availability (National Institutes of Health-funded investigators will have priority of use).
  • Ability to apply for targeted funding, developmental funds and interim research support as available by Cedars-Sinai Cancer.
  • Assistance, if resources allow, with pre- and post-award grant management.

Responsibilities of Membership

Membership Expectations

Cedars-Sinai Cancer expects all members to do the following:

  • Provide meaningful contributions to the mission, goals and priorities of Cedars-Sinai Cancer. 
  • Actively participate in center, program, or disease unit seminars, meetings, retreats, symposia, clinical quality improvement efforts, and community outreach and engagement activities when requested. 
  • Submit in a timely and accurate manner, annual and special requests for updates on research progress, active funding, grant submissions, publications, biosketch, patient accrual information, clinical outcomes, progress reports for internally funded projects, and internal and external audit reports. This also includes granting PeopleSoft access to Cedars-Sinai Cancer Research Administration to obtain funding information. 
  • Acknowledge membership and Cedars-Sinai Cancer in publications, press-releases, presentations, and posters generated with direct support from Cedars-Sinai Cancer Developmental Funds or from utilization of Cedars-Sinai Cancer Shared Resources or the Cancer Clinical Trials Office.
    • Suggested Acknowledgement Text: 
      "The project described was supported in part by Cedars-Sinai Cancer."
      "This work was supported in part by the _______________Shared Resource of Cedars-Sinai Cancer"
      "This work was supported in part by the _______________Cancer Clinical Trials Office of Cedars-Sinai Cancer"
  • Meet with shared resource directors or Cancer Clinical Trials Office budget development team for project and budget planning when anticipating use of Cedars-Sinai Cancer Shared Resources or the Cancer Clinical Trials Office in grant proposals. 
  • Demonstrate collaboration and interaction with other Cedars-Sinai Cancer members and members of other NCI-designated cancer institutes, and promote interdisciplinary, multi-investigator research efforts (P01s, U01s, SPOREs, etc.). 
  • Demonstrate commitment to teaching and participate in Cedars-Sinai Cancer’s mentoring program and other educational or training programs related to cancer. 
  • Serve on program and review committees as needed. 
  • Notify Cedars-Sinai Cancer leadership prior to external research audits. 
  • Secure funding as a principal investigator or develop investigator-initiated trials and accrue patients to Cedars-Sinai Cancer's clinical trials.*

*Applicable to Core Members

Apply For Cancer Institute Membership

Membership is available to Cedars-Sinai faculty and medical staff who have an interest in cancer, delivery of cancer care, cancer-related research, clinical trials and training.