Experimental Therapeutics Program

The overarching mission of the Experimental Therapeutics Program is to be a new and progressive model for clinical translational research both locally and nationally that will bring the unique clinical strengths of Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute to problems best addressed by translational research efforts. The Experimental Therapeutics Program carries out this mission by capitalizing on the complementary strengths of our investigators at Cedars-Sinai Cancer to create unique synergies.

Program Aims

Conduct initial discovery validation, prioritization and application of biomarkers that distinguish indolent and aggressive forms of cancer.

Develop and evaluate imaging, blood and tissue assays for optimization of novel anticancer therapies.

Discover and clinically evaluate emerging immunotherapy approaches alone and in concert with other treatment modalities to optimize cancer outcomes.

Program's Overarching Themes


By using clinical, imaging and molecular biomarkers, personalization of care can be affected in a manner that allows patients to delay active interventions and to avoid the proximal harms relating from immediate active intervention.

Novel anticancer therapies

The membership of Experimental Therapeutics develops novel combinations of assessments of tissue, blood and imaging biomarkers to predict responsiveness to emerging anticancer therapies to personalize care and optimize outcomes.

Clinical trials

With the evolving use of agents, the field has moved toward finding ways of combining these drugs with surgery, radiation and other systemic therapies to augment their efficacy. Experimental Therapeutics conducts preclinical and clinical studies to develop these approaches in key diseases where immunotherapy is emerging as a new means of controlling malignancies.

Investigator Initiated Trials Incubator

The IIT Incubator is a program that helps prioritize, expedite and oversee the opening and execution of new therapeutic, interventional IITs. Program highlights include:

  • Provide a venue for basic and clinical researchers to develop therapeutic, interventional IIT concepts from laboratory and bedside discoveries (both Cedars-Sinai science-based as well as repurposing IP).
  • Structured to provide detailed project management from beginning to end.
  • During vetting, investigators will be paired with experienced clinical researchers and representatives from scientific resources (Cedars-Sinai shared resources).
  • Develop a culture of generating pilot clinical data from Cedars-Sinai science that enable significant, impactful and fundable cancer clinical research trials.

Meet the Team

Experimental Therapeutics is comprised of a diverse group of basic, translational and clinical investigators including cancer biologists working on novel cancer therapies, leading experts in biomedical imaging, genomics and proteomics working to improve cancer diagnosis and delivery, and first-rate clinical investigators to test these novel compounds in clinical trials.


  • Liver Metastasis P01
    This National Cancer Institute-supported P01 program unites essential expertise in the fields of liver and cancer pathobiology to represent the first multi-investigator effort focused on common mechanisms involved in liver metastasis from disparate tumor models. Program success will establish new paradigms in liver metastasis and test novel therapeutic strategies.
  • Bone Metastasis P01

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