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Heart Research Labs

Discoveries in our heart research labs are helping us develop the next generation of heart disease care methods. Our areas of expertise include physiology, proteomics, cardiac imaging and prevention.

Developing prevention strategies for women by uncovering female-pattern heart disease symptoms.

Investigating mechanisms of ventricular arrhythmias to advance prevention and management of cardiac arrest.

Using clinically generated and administrated data to inform our understanding of healthcare delivery, opportunities for improvement and strategies.

Understanding the molecular basis of heart muscle contractile dysfunction associated with myocardial infarction and systolic heart failure.

Identifying druggable pathways that mitigate post-infarction heart failure.

Assessing the molecular basis of excitability to create novel, biologically based cardiac arrhythmia treatments. Efforts also include stem cell and regenerative medicine research.

Harnessing the proteomic technologies to elucidate mechanisms of vascular pathology.

Using proteomics to investigate the molecular basis of cardiovascular disease.

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