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The mission of Technology Ventures is to promote the commercial development of Cedars-Sinai research into products and services that advance healthcare and improve patient wellbeing. Technology Ventures actively seeks industry partners to develop these technologies and works to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Active Cedars-Sinai Technology and Innovation portfolio

In addition to helping inventors identify and engage with appropriate business partners for technology commercialization, Technology Ventures also facilitates the negotiation of confidentiality disclosure agreements, inter-institutional agreements and license agreements. Furthermore, Technology Ventures provides continuous support for important legal and administrative functions.

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**For fiscal year 2023
*Statistics as of July 2023

Cedars-Sinai Technology Ventures Report

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Available Technologies for Licensing

Technology Ventures is always interested in partnerships that can bring our technologies to market. Working with us provides an opportunity for industry leaders to expand their portfolios with meaningful innovations. The Technology Publisher has a large array of technologies listed across multiple categories that can be searched and licensed.


An international leader in biomedical research, Cedars-Sinai ranks among the nation's top non-university hospitals for competitive research funding from the National Institutes of Health.

Brain tumor vaccines, small-molecule cancer drugs, and better ways to tackle inflammatory bowel disease are just a few of the innovations currently in the Cedars-Sinai research pipeline. Learn more about our research in the following areas:

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