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OncoBiobank Shared Resource

Established in 2023, the OncoBiobank at Cedars-Sinai has evolved from a mere repository to a cornerstone of high-caliber oncological research. Every decision we make is driven by our unwavering commitment to facilitating revolutionary insights into cancer one sample at a time.


In the nuanced and ever-evolving realm of oncology, the source of every discovery, every insight, lies in the quality of the samples. Our meticulous collection process ensures that every sample serves as an authentic representation, catalyzing accurate and pivotal research breakthroughs.

Cedars-Sinai Cancer's (CSC) OncoBiobank Shared Resource (OBSR) forms the core of cancer-focused biobanking services, designed to enable innovative cancer-focused background, clinical, digital and epidemiological research. This serves as the cornerstone in addressing the distinct characteristics of cancer biology: its genetic heterogeneity, the vast spectrum of tumor types and the vital requirement of resources for identifying new biomarkers, developing diagnostic tools and fostering therapeutic advances.

Our comprehensive service catalog encompasses patient recruitment and consent acquisition, meticulous and quality-assured biospecimen processing (cryo-preserved tissue, blood and derivates, urine, saliva, CSF, stool (microbiome), hair, etc.), in-depth sample annotation, advanced cell and imaging analytics specific to cancer, stringent quality checks for cryo-preserved liquid and tissue samples and informing education and training.

The OBSR forms an integral part of the mission of CSC across numerous programmatic areas. The services we provide are essential for forming high-quality study cohort development, cohorts-description, enhancement and utilization support, efficient sample collection, sample transport, safe and controlled storage and retrieval and in-depth demographic and socioeconomic data collection, support in standardization (sample and data collection) and, last but not least, quality control of sample and workflows. In order to amplify the impact of our services and enhance cancer research at Cedars-Sinai, the OBSR will synergize with the Biomedical Data Science Shared Resource (BDSSR) to employ its potent data analytics capabilities and extract electronic health record data for comprehensive longitudinal biospecimen annotation.

Our Team

Learn more about the physician-scientist and researchers of the OncoBiobank Shared Resource, whose dedicated efforts lead to groundbreaking applications using novel technologies.

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