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Professional Training Programs

In addition to the common types of educational programs, Cedars-Sinai has non-degree educational certifications, formal trainings, internships and other ongoing opportunities to benefit students and professionals at all levels of their medical careers. 

Providing institutional support for postdocs and their mentors, while developing resources for research and career development.

An innovative program that provides funding, career guidance, education and skill acquisition for aspiring clinical scientists.

Two scientists working together on a research

A yearlong, hands-on opportunity for postsecondary students from underrepresented communities, including those eligible for the Ray Charles Foundation Scholars Fund in Neurosurgery. Scholarship recipients conduct research with renowned mentors at our world-class facilities.

Multiethnic doctors at modern office indoors. Glass wall with xray and tomography behind

Structured training program that will provide a practical understanding and preparation for entering the research administration field.

Young students wearing science class

Cedars-Sinai Cancer has developed this one-year, hands-on certificate program to train the next generation of leaders in clinical sciences.

Opportunity for both college-age undergrads as well as young biomedical scientists and researchers still enrolled in high school looking for structured and mentored environments that support learning in basic, translational and clinical research.

A yearlong, hands-on clinical experience for the Clinical Laboratory Scientist is conducted by Cedars-Sinai in affiliation with California State University, Dominguez Hills and California State University, Los Angeles.

Nutritionist speaking with patient

This program is designed to provide IBD-focused nutrition education specific to the adult and pediatric populations.

Group of medical experts holding variation of fruit and vegetables during a meeting in the office.

The Dietetic Internship Program is to provide a learning environment that prepares innovative, well-rounded, entry-level registered dietitian nutritionists to become future leaders in the nutrition and dietetics profession. 

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