Postdoctoral Scientist Program

NIH-Funded Postdoctoral Training Programs

We mentor graduates with doctoral degrees from a wide range of scientific and biomedical disciplines, with the goal of furthering and optimizing your career prospects according to your unique interests and talents. Explore our programs to learn more and apply.

Contact our program director with any questions. To inquire about a postdoctoral program with a specific Cedars-Sinai research laboratory, please reach out directly to the lab.

Why do a Postdoc at Cedars-Sinai:
  • Find a supportive network of peers and mentors which facilitates scientific and social interactions.
  • Mentorship by support faculty and fellow postdoctoral scientists to develop an individualized plan and participate in annual appraisals.
  • Cultivate skills critical for successfully practicing research and effectively communicating scientific ideas and outcomes.
  • Receive resources and guidance to advance into optimal academic, government, industry or other professional appointments.

As a major community medical center, Cedars-Sinai offers unparalleled opportunity for research studies. To support their research interest, see how we pair our students with highly regarded scientists, educators, and innovators on a campus with cutting-edge centers of excellence.

The Postdoc Program in collaboration with the Talent Management and Organization Development department (a division of Human Resources) has designed this series of courses to align with three National Postdoc Association (NPA) Core Competencies: Communication Skills, Professionalism and Leadership and Management Skills.

The Postdoctoral Program hosts monthly and annual events for postdocs and all members of the research and science community at Cedars-Sinai and is recognized for its outstanding achievement in medical research and education.

Run by postdocs, for postdocs, the Postdoc Society's purpose is to foster a network of junior researchers at Cedars-Sinai to aid cooperation and collaboration within the local research community. The Postdoc Society hosts monthly and annual events for postdocs and all members of the research and science community at Cedars-Sinai.

Research Clusters

Learn about our faculty-driven research groups composed of laboratories with shared interests and expertise to further promote a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to research efforts.

Meet the Team

Barry Stripp, PhD
Kate Lawrenson, PhD
Associate Director
Emma Yates Casler
Program Manager
Have Questions or Need Help?

Contact Emma Yates Casler, Program Manager if you have questions or wish to learn more about Cedars-Sinai Postdoctoral Scientist program.