High School Outreach Program

What We Do

The Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute introduces high school students to the exciting world of regenerative medicine with the hope of inspiring the next generation of scientists.

The Program

This motivational program is open to all Los Angeles-area high school students and is designed to offer a basic understanding of stem cell research. The program is composed of the following:

High School Lectures
Throughout the school year, the institute's postdoctoral fellows and researchers will give lectures during a scheduled science class. The lectures typically include an introduction to the world of regenerative medicine, current stem cell research and technology, which provides students exposure to careers in science. We are currently serving high schools within 10 miles of Cedars-Sinai. We are eager to expand our lecture outreach to other communities where possible. Please email us if you are interested in hosting a scientist in your school.

High School Research Week
High school students in their junior and senior year are invited to apply for stem cell research week held within the institute's laboratories. Under direct supervision, students will collaborate within project based teams, where they will have hands-on learning opportunities with research tools and techniques. Students will attend lectures presented by institute's research scientists and staff, and the students will present their project results on the last day of Research Week.

  • For safety purposes, high school students must be at least 17 years of age to participate.
  • Applications for Research Week will be considered only if the student has been accepted into the Cedars-Sinai Teens in Science Volunteer Program. Through the Teen Volunteer Program, you are given the opportunity to participate in other aspects of Cedars-Sinai.
  • Apply to the Cedars-Sinai Teen Volunteer Program from Feb. 1-28 (early application is recommended).
  • Upon completion of the teen volunteer application, please forward the confirmation notice directly to the group email below.
  • For those accepted into the Teens in Science Volunteer Program, the opportunity to apply to the institute's Research Week Program will begin in May.
  • Funding Source: NIH/UCLA CTSI #1790BQA007

CIRMCalifornia Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)
Summer Program to Accelerate Regenerative Medicine Knowledge (SPARK) Program—Summer Research Internship

High school juniors will have the chance to be mentored in the lab on an intensive hypothesis-based research assignment. The research will focus on the use of stem cells for translation studies in regenerative medicine, with the hope of accelerating the delivery of stem cell based therapies to patients with unmet needs. The next seven-week mentorship program will commence in June 2019. Due to limited space, only eight students will be accepted.

  • 2019 CIRM SPARK Application (PDF)
  • Eligibility is based upon the age of the applicant and current year in school; students must be in their junior year of high school at the time of application. Students that are freshmen and seniors will not be eligible. (No exceptions to the grade requirement will be allowed).
  • In addition, students must have a serious interest in pursuing a health or medical career.
  • If you have additional questions, contact GroupRMIHSOutreachProgram@cshs.org.

This program is a part of the Cedars-Sinai Minors in Research program. Please see the program's web page for more details and to apply for other summer internship opportunities.

Please visit the Cedars-Sinai RMI High-School Outreach Program on social media for past student experiences:
On the web: RMICIRMSPARK.wordpress.com
On Instagram: @RMI_CIRMSPARK

To learn more about the CIRM SPARK program and SPARK programs at other locations, visit CIRM's internship web page.

About Our Alumni

See updates on Cedars-Sinai alumni of the CIRM SPARK program and Research Week.

Contact Information

To request more information on the High School Outreach Program:

Veronica Garcia, PhD, Program Coordinator
Nathalie Balingit, Program Administrator
Phone: 310-248-8552
Email: GroupRMIHSOutreachProgram@cshs.org