About Us

Reimagining Brain Research at the Center for Neural Science and Medicine

The Center for Neural Science and Medicine (CNSM) was founded to support and coalesce the neuroscience community at Cedars-Sinai across the institution. Traditional neuroscience research can become siloed into narrow subdisciplines for a variety of reasons, including need for focused technical expertise, clinical interest, funding constraints or simply lack of opportunity to interact. However, some of the most important discoveries are made when boundaries are crossed—when researchers and clinicians with diverse backgrounds collaborate to solve a problem with synergistic expertise.

The goal of the CNSM is to ignite opportunities for collaborative neuroscience research at Cedars-Sinai and beyond by supporting neuroscience educational events, providing seed funding for multidisciplinary pilot projects, promoting community building via social events and recruiting and supporting the next generation of neuroscientists.

The center is organizing our efforts around three interest groups:

  • Neural Injury, Degeneration and Immunology
  • Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience
  • Neurodevelopment, Cancer and Repair

Understanding how the brain functions across a variety of conditions—in health and disease, during development and aging—remains one of the greatest scientific challenges of modern times and the primary focus of CNSM researchers.

Join Our Research

Any Cedars-Sinai faculty interested in neuroscience with an active research program, in any domain, can join the Cedars-Sinai Center for Neural Science and Medicine as an affiliated laboratory. To join, and for more information, please contact our administrator, Joel Arnold, by email at joel.arnold@cshs.org or phone at 424-315-4549.