Immunotherapy and Immunotherapy Vaccine

Preclinical Research

Our basic research focuses on designing a dendritic cell (DC) vaccine targeting glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cancer stem cells to delay or prevent recurrence following surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. The GBM cancer stem cell vaccine is cellular and consists of patients' autologous dendritic cells infused with tumor lysate from an allogenic glioblastoma cancer stem cell line. The vaccine induces cytotoxic T lymphocytes to disrupt cancer stem cell antigens.

Clinical Trials

We currently test the safety and tolerability of experimental immunotherapy vaccines to treat brain tumors and Alzheimer's.

Brain Tumors

We're testing the safety and tolerability of DC vaccines as immunizations for brain tumors in the following clinical trials:

  • A Screening Protocol to Determine Potential Eligibility of Patients with Brain Tumors for IRB-Approved Vaccine Trials