Kaye Laboratory

The Kaye Laboratory has a long-standing interest in the molecular regulation of T lymphocyte development and biology. We have performed pioneering work in this area, and have identified a novel family of four nuclear DNA-binding factors, the founding member of which we designated TOX (Thymocyte Selection-Associated HMG-Box Protein). Our data has demonstrated that TOX is a critical regulator of immune system development. Despite the focus on this one family of proteins, our research touches many key biological problems relating to immune system development, regulation of immune responses, cancer, and liver metabolism.

The Kaye Laboratory is affiliated with the Research Division of Immunology in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute

3D reconstruction of TOX (green) and H3K9me3 (red) in a nucleus. TOX is excluded from regions of constitutive heterochromatin. An abnormally small Peyer's
Patch in a TOX-deficient mouse.