Reagents and Resources

Research Techniques

In vivo and in vitro models of tumorigenesis, retro/lenti/adeno-viral transduction, cDNA cloning, qPCR, recombinant protein production and purification, biochemistry, flow cytometry and cell sorting, microscopy, knockout and RNAi technology, X-ray crystallography, computational biology and drug discovery.

Research Resources

The protein crystallization room is equipped with Leica high-power microscopes, crystallization incubators, and crystals-mounting areas. The laboratory is also equipped with Rigaku MicroMax 007HF X-ray diffraction and Linux workstations for structure determination, an FPLC for protein purification, an isothermal calorimetry (VP-ITC) unit (MicroCal, MA) for thermodynamics studies, a differential scanning calorimetry (VP-DSC) unit from MicroCal/GE for designing crystallization experiments, a Zetasizer Nano ZS particle characterizer, and SPR-based system (SensiQ Pioneer).