Van Eyk Laboratory

The Van Eyk Laboratory is interested in the molecular basis behind a variety of cardiovascular disorders. Our projects range from basic discovery research to clinically relevant analytical studies. The common thread that runs through these projects is proteomics. We apply our considerable mass spectrometry-based expertise to deciphering the precise role that protein expression profiles and modifications play in disease progression. In brief, we are interested in how alterations to the proteome affect physiology.

Our expertise is in merging interesting biological questions with leading-edge analytical techniques, including mass spectrometry, that help decipher protein identities, quantities and modifications.

The Van Eyk Laboratory is affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Smidt Heart Institute and the Advanced Clinical Biosystems Research Institute at Smidt Heart Institute.


"Bottom-up" proteomic analysis. 1. Proteins in a sample are digested with trypsin to form peptides. 2. Peptides are analytically separated, ionized, and introduced to a mass spectrometer. 3. Peptides are sequentially analyzed, fragmented, and reanalyzed as peptide fragments in the mass spectrometer in a process called "tandem mass spectrometry" or "MS/MS" analysis. 4. MS/MS results are searched against established and predicted databases to reveal the identities of the proteins present in the original sample.