Faculty and Administration

The Master's Degree in Health Delivery Science (MHDS) program is supported by a variety of Cedars-Sinai faculty. A core faculty oversees program operations and a broader faculty advisory panel counsels the core faculty. There are more than 200 faculty members who belong to the Cedars-Sinai professorial series.

Core Faculty

Brennan M. Spiegel, MD, MSHS
Program Director, Course Director for HDS 200A, HDS 201A, Course Co-Director for HDS 202B
Celina Shirazipour, PhD
Associate Program Director, Course Director for HDS 203C and 204A, Course Co-Director for Capstone series
Christopher V. Almario, MD, MSHPM
Chair, Admissions Committee, Course Co-Director for HDS 202B
Carl Berdahl, MD, MS
Course Co-Director for HDS 203B
Timothy J. Daskivich, MD, MSHPM
Co-Chair, Admissions Committee
Gillian Gresham, PhD
Director, Faculty Affairs, Course Director for HDS 203A, Course Co-Director for Capstone series
Carine Khalil, PhD
Course Co-Director for HDS 203C, Mentor for Capstone Series
Marie Lauzon, MS
Course Co‐Director for HDS 200B
Lisa Masson, MD, MBA
Course Director for HDS 201B
Jim Mirocha, MS
Course Co-Director for HDS 200B
Alen Voskanian, MD, MBA
Course Co-Director for HDS 204A
Alix Sleight Warner, PhD
Course Co-Director for HDS 203A
Additional Support Staff

Mechauna Thierry, BS, MBA
Program Coordinator
Victor Jackson, BA
Student Financial Services Administrator
Caroline Marshall, BA, MLS, AHIP
Senior Medical Librarian, Public Services
Kathy Oka, BS
Administrative Coordinator
Jennifer Soares, MSPH
Research Program Administrator
Samuel Eberlein
Student Assistant
Faculty Advisory Panel

Health Services Nursing Research

Vice President for Nursing, Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Nursing Research

Senior Vice President of Operations

Welmoed van Deen, PhD, MD

Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam
School of Health Policy and Management

Alan Dubovsky, MBA

Director of Patient Experience/Chief Patient Experience Officer

Ray Duncan, MD

Medical Director, EIS

Chair, Department of Surgery

Caroline Goldzweig, MD, MSHS

Healthcare Informatics, Health Services Research

Sharon Isonaka, MD, MS

Vice President, Clinical Transformation, Cedars-Sinai CS-PLE Program Director and Team Leader

Executive Vice President of the Cedars-Sinai Medical Network

Nicole Leonard, JD

Vice President-Research

Mario Molina, MD

President, Golden Shore Medical Group

Healthcare Informatics, Health Services Research

President and CEO, Warschaw Law Chair in Health Care Leadership

Healthcare Informatics 

Healthcare Informatics

Pharmacy Health Services Research and Pharmacoeconomics

Director, Research Informatics and Scientific Computing Core

Doug Sturnick

Vice President-Managed Care 

Medical Director, Cedars-Sinai Medical Group

Surgical Health Services Research, Psychometrics

Have Questions or Need Help?

If you have questions or wish to learn more about the MHDS program, please contact:

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