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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers—many with links or contact information to get you on the right track—to the most commonly asked questions about the Master's Degree in Health Delivery Science program.

MHDS Hybrid Program

We ask that students travel to Cedars-Sinai five times throughout their 20-month degree program.

Admissions and Waivers

Anyone who has graduated from an accredited undergraduate institution is eligible to apply. The admissions committee does focus on scientific and healthcare backgrounds in the admissions process.

The MHDS Program will accept up to 20 students each academic year. We accept only the most qualified candidates; therefore, actual acceptance may be fewer than 20.

Absolutely. The MHDS degree is designed for working professionals seeking to develop foundational skills and knowledge in health delivery science with an aim to become leaders in healthcare organizations. Although many of our students have clinical degrees and experience in healthcare, our students have a range of multidisciplinary backgrounds and interests. For example, MHDS students have included a physicist, a former White House intern and an engineer. Health delivery science requires multidisciplinary thinking across physical, social and biological sciences, so we welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds who show a strong interest in bringing their expertise to healthcare.

Tuition, Fees and Financial Assistance

The total cost of tuition and student fees is $22,400.

The application is fee is $55 (waived for Cedars-Sinai internal applicants).

Tuition will not cover costs related to residentials (hotel, plane, car/ride-share services). Cedars-Sinai does have discount rates at hotels in the West Hollywood area. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Should you feel that you need assistance in covering the costs of the residential, our student financial adviser is happy to discuss options to finance residentials and your educational career.

Only students pursuing a PhD degree are offered medical benefits.

Communicating With the Graduate School


No, the program does not offer child care.