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The Cedars-Sinai Master's Degree in Health Delivery Science (MHDS) program is dedicated to preparing and shaping leaders who redefine the landscape of healthcare delivery. Explore the noteworthy achievements of some of our accomplished alumni below.

Class of 2022

Hepatobiliary Outpatient Care Coordinator

"I took the MHDS Program as I felt it would help prepare me for my future career goals in being a nursing leader. It provided a wide range of topics in healthcare, leadership and technology that expanded my knowledge and provided foundations to build on as I move forward in my career."

Assistant Nurse Manager

"I applied to the Cedars-Sinai Master’s Degree in Health Delivery Science (MHDS) Program because I believed that the concepts and applications I learned in the program would help me provide leadership and guidance to my team as well as the divisions of pediatrics and women's health. The curriculum offered in the program is innovative and highly applicable to my work, especially as a young nurse leader with a long career ahead of her in a field that will continue to see massive change up until and beyond my retirement years. Having participated in the MHDS Program gave me the opportunity to launch my career goals—from pediatrics at Cedars-Sinai and into the future of healthcare."

Director, Cedars-Sinai Biobank and Research Pathology
Associate Professor of Surgery, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

"After nearly three decades in my research career, I am very grateful that I took this MHDS Program because it gave me a new exposure to the patient-facing clinical challenges such as health insurance, digital diagnostics, quality improvement and health delivery chasms. The balanced curriculum of this program, the talented course instructors and my own personal experience as an MHDS student, have prepared me for a totally different outlook on healthcare and its delivery to the patients. I would recommend this program with great enthusiasm for anyone who cares about healthcare delivery."

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery 

"I chose to apply to the MHDS Program because I enjoy treating patients as a physician, and I have an interest in healthcare quality and equality for all patients. I wanted skills that would help me lead the medical field by harnessing technology and driving innovation."

Class of 2021

Project Manager
Cedars-Sinai Project Management Office and Organizational Advancement

"After considering MBA or MPH programs, I chose the MHDS Program because the content is focused on the future of healthcare. The program approaches patient-centered care through a multidisciplinary lens, allowing students of diverse backgrounds to work and learn together toward a common goal. Also, the other programs that I explored were not reasonably within reach in terms of cost, but I graduated with a master’s in health delivery science and no student debt."

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology 
Director, Brachytherapy Services

"We spend a lot of time during medical and residency training talking about bench-to-bedside translational medicine, but the further out I am in clinical practice the more I’ve come to appreciate that there is also translation from the bedside to the hospital system. I applied to the MHDS Program to better appreciate the dynamics of working in a health system and navigating how to translate important discoveries beyond just patients in my clinic, but instead to the larger hospital system."

Assistant Manager, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"I chose to apply to the MHDS Program in the Cedars-Sinai Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences because I felt this specific program would give me the tools to successfully work in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Classes in subjects pertaining to performance measurement and improvement, data analytics and healthcare finance provided skills that I could use immediately in my current job, along with opening up opportunities for growth and career development."

Lead Data Scientist
Cedars-Sinai Enterprise Data Intelligence

"I had been working in hospitals for almost 10 years when I applied. I understood hospitals from the specific silos of the jobs I had in the past, but not much beyond my work. I applied to the MHDS Program to get a better sense of how all the parts of a hospital work together as a system, and how hospitals function within the modern healthcare landscape."

Associate Director, Department of Pediatrics
Cedars-Sinai Guerin Children's

"After researching many master's programs, the Cedars-Sinai MHDS Program caught my attention due to the diversity of the curriculum, faculty and students. The program also offered the opportunity to learn from industry leaders. To me, combining classroom learning with real-life experiences was a unique opportunity that I had to experience. The program exceeded all my expectations!"

Class of 2020

Advanced Heart Failure and Mechanical Circulatory Support Program Manager
Medical University of South Carolina

"I chose the Cedars-Sinai MHDS Program because I wanted a degree that would prepare me for a leadership role in healthcare. I wanted more than just a business degree as I needed to improve my understanding of healthcare economics, research interpretation and data analytics. I tell everyone now that my degree is the perfect blend of an MBA and MPH—I can confidently discuss many issues with my peers in finance, research and IT. I am currently a manager for the heart failure and mechanical circulatory support team at the Medical University of South Carolina."

Assistant Clinical Professor, Medicine—Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Stanford University

"I chose to apply for the MHDS Program as a gastroenterology fellow to better understand how our healthcare systems work and learn valuable skills to improve care for the patients whom I treat every day. The program gave me a valuable framework to innovate in an increasingly complex healthcare network, and also prepared me for a career in academic medicine. I am very grateful for the diverse teaching provided in this comprehensive program."

Manager, Radiology
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

"The first campus lecture about health delivery science that I attended several years ago immediately grabbed my attention. I never knew that this kind of field existed, especially one that could use real patient data from the clinical realm to create solutions that directly impact the quality and cost of care. My future self was able to envision applying what I could learn in the MHDS Program to potentially develop a novel technological and/or management solution, in order to maximize the efficiency of the clinical and research services for the hospital."

Change Facilitator for Emergency, Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Clinical Quality—
Adventist Health White Memorial

"As a frontline healthcare provider, I was doing the best I could for my patients, but often felt like systemic issues were limiting me from providing the best possible care. I was seeking to move upstream in the healthcare delivery process when the Master’s in Health Delivery Science Program was initiated. It was the perfect blend of data analytics, quality improvement and health finance, and I knew the program would provide me with the tools to tackle these issues from a different perspective."

Class of 2019

Field Medical Affairs, Neuro-Immunology and Neuromuscular Disease—
AstraZeneca Rare Disease/Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"With a flood of new healthcare workers entering the workforce to care for our aging population, healthcare professionals are seeking more education and experience to stand out in the crowd. I enrolled in the MHDS Program because I truly believe Dr. Spiegel has built a comprehensive curriculum that will equip you for the future. You can have a brilliant scientific mind and pass every exam. You can document the most well-written, clinically relevant patient notes among your peers. You can cultivate clinical skills with work experience and develop a sense of empathy and care for patients. Will that be enough? We are still expected to do more with less to deliver higher quality care in less time with less staffing and less budget. I believe the only way for our generation to be successful is by developing an aptitude for technology, and we owe it to our patients, families and loved ones to embrace it."

Quality Project Manager
Huntington Health, an affiliate of Cedars-Sinai

"Taking the leap to apply to the Cedars-Sinai MHDS Program is one of the best decisions I have ever made! I pushed beyond my comfort zone and truly surprised myself in what I could learn, master and achieve! Highly recommend!"

Assistant Professor, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

"I chose to apply to the program because I love the integration of what healthcare will be in the future: a need to focus on value-based care/cost-effectiveness and appropriate integration of digital health and advanced analytics into our care of patients. I am fortunate to have since been able to use the skills I learned to generate research projects, apply to grants, and overall perform better as both a clinician and clinician-scientist."

Research Specialist II
Cedars-Sinai Center for Outcomes Research and Education

"My undergraduate studies included a foundation in biomedical engineering mixed with electives in the public health and policy space. Although I had no aspirations to practice healthcare, I was always fascinated by the U.S. healthcare system. The MHDS Program was the perfect opportunity to focus my analytical and problem-solving skills toward adding value to care, all within the structure of a world-renowned academic medical center."

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