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Research Areas

The Bilsborough Laboratory's Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Drug Discovery and Development unit is composed of research scientists and clinicians with experience in both the biopharmaceutical industry and clinical research. The unit's unique design facilitates bringing our scientific findings to bear on patient care as quickly as possible.

Our team's diverse background ensures that we understand the biotech industry's needs in drug development, creates better coordination between industry and our lab and fosters interdisciplinary cooperation to advance the discovery and sharing of leading-edge knowledge to improve the lives of individuals living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The Bilsborough Lab's approach is to identify IBD patients with similar types of disease to better understand disease pathology and devise more effective treatments.

This approach requires access to, and integration of, clinical metadata to support the discovery of disease subpopulations with similar pathways that trigger disease. Through our interaction with the IBD network at Cedars-Sinai, the Bilsborough Lab can personalize medicine and develop targeted therapies that are more likely to be effective.

Contact the Bilsborough Lab

8693 Wilshire Blvd.,
Second floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90211