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Peng Lab

Our research focuses on computational genomics. We use statistical and machine- learning methods on heterogenous multi-omics data to improve the prevention and treatment of cancer and other diseases. We are particularly interested in understanding the genetic basis of diseases.

Recent efforts have focused on functional characterization of germline variants and somatic mutations by integrating genome-wide association studies, genomics, epigenomics and transcriptomics data. By doing so, we gain a comprehensive understanding of the genetic landscape, enabling us to identify potential biomarkers and therapeutic targets that could shape the future of personalized medicine.

Personal Statement

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Computational Biomedicine. My passion lies at the intersection of human genetics, cancer genomics and statistical modeling. We wholeheartedly embrace diversity, equity and inclusivity in our laboratory. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to teaching and mentoring computational biologists who enhance our understanding of life and health."

Pei-Chen Peng

Breakthrough Research Areas

  • Decipher the roles of germline variants in disease susceptibility, individual traits and overall health.
  • Identify somatic variants that drive tumorigenesis and disease progression.
  • Integrate multi-omics data to understand the regulatory landscape in the non-coding genome.

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the scientists, faculty members, investigators and other healthcare professionals of the Pei-Chen Peng Laboratory, whose dedicated efforts lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

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Contact the Peng Lab

Pacific Design Center
700 N. San Vicente Blvd., Suite G540
West Hollywood, CA 90069