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Confocal microscopy of MDA231 cell treated with platinum nanoparticle labeled with CY5, a fluorescent dye (red color in image) and a HER2/HER3 targeting protein (stained in green). Localization is indicated by the yellow color, demonstrating that the particles are delivered to the nucleus of the cells (stained in blue).

Iron-oxide-based activatable nanoagents can be designed to report on tumor localization and drug release. Their release, triggered by enzymatic action or low pH, will result in changes in the T1 or T2 relaxation time of the water molecules surrounding the nanoparticle, and therefore a change in the MR signal (MR contrast). From Nat Comm. 2014 Mar; 5:3384, Small 2009;5(16):1862-1868 and ACS Nano. 2012;6(8):7281-7294. doi:10.1038/ncomms4384

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