Basic Science Research

IBIRI basic scientists are poised to bring a number of significant findings to scientific fruition, crossing the threshold into the realm of translational research. These investigations further elucidate disease causes and courses, identify patients most likely to benefit from a certain treatment option, and lend clues for future drug development.

Basic science is supported by a solid foundation of funding from the National Institutes of Health, pharmaceutical companies and private foundations.

IBIRI Basic Science Program Snapshots

All IBIRI investigators are engaged in the effort to discover and define the relationships between a set of IBD associated serum autoantibodies with genetic other biological markers and severity and disease behavior. Such information contributes to the ability to identify distinct clinical subgroups from within ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, which is essential for tailoring existing treatments for individual patient needs. We already have discovered that combinations of serum and other markers, along with genetic profiles, can predict prognosis and treatment outcomes, disease natural history, response to treatments and potential need for surgery. Knowing the implications of these markers in relation to the underlying disease process will enable identification of the IBD type most likely to benefit from new drugs being tested for use in IBD and avoid subjecting patients to treatment with strong medications from which they are unlikely to benefit.

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