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Lab Members

Sijia (Jerry) Cui, PhD
Project Scientist

Sijia (Jerry) Cui is a bioinformatician specializing in computational methods for studying complex diseases like inflammatory bowel disease and cancer. He combines next-generation multi-omics data, statistical algorithms and deep-learning techniques to find associations between the tissue microenvironment, disease etiology and patient phenotypes.

Guanghui (Daniel) Liu, PhD
Postdoctoral Scientist

Guanghui (Daniel) Liu has extensive experience on the application of machine- and deep- learning approaches in genomics. His current research interests include the implementation and development of deep-learning approaches to facilitate the integration of multi-omic data sets. His goal is to improve patient stratification and develop predictive models in inflammatory bowel disease.

Cheng-Hsiang (Sam) Lu
Research Bioinformatician

Cheng-Hsiang (Sam) Lu is a research bioinformatician specializing in biomedical informatics with translational applications. His research in the Casero Lab focuses on the application of sequencing technologies, computational methods and disease models to better understand gene regulatory networks and inflammatory bowel disease phenotypes.


Contact the Casero Lab

8730 Alden Drive
Thalians, E215
Los Angeles, CA 90048