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Chen Lab

The Chen Lab is unraveling basic mechanisms of lung injury and repair. Our focus is on how lung epithelial cells interact with other cellular compartments and with the extracellular matrix to regulate inflammatory cell recruitment and lung fibrosis in various cell-based and animal models.

Peter Chen, MD
Personal Statement

I have had a long-standing interest in the lung epithelial response to injury and how aberrant responses acutely lead to lung injury and chronically promote pathological outcomes such as lung fibrosis. The initial work from my laboratory focused on epithelial interactions with the matrix identifying specific mechanisms regulating re-epithelialization. More recently, my research group has investigated mechanisms by which the lung mucosal immunity regulates acute lung injury after infectious insults."

Peter Chen, MD

Breakthrough Research

  • COVID-19 mechanisms and therapeutics
  • Dysbiosis and post-influenza MRSA infection
  • Syndecan-1 and influenza infection
  • Syndecan-1 and lung fibrosis
  • Dynactin-4 polymorphisms and pseudomonas colonization in cystic fibrosis


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Laboratory Team

Job Opportunities

We are actively recruiting students and postdocs to be our colleagues and expand lab knowledge and expertise to make important breakthroughs.


The Chen Lab collaborates with a wide range of investigators within Cedars-Sinai and institutions around the world.

Contact the Chen Lab

127 S. San Vicente Blvd.
Pavilion, A-9404
Los Angeles, CA 90048