Research Areas

Main research objectives include:

  • Novel quantitative methods for image analysis
  • Automated extraction of imaging biomarkers and validation
  • Improve identification of patients at risk of disease and adverse outcomes
  • Improve the accuracy of diagnostic tests
  • Improve patient outcomes and patient management

Our current research focus includes:

  • Measurement of epicardial and thoracic fat (QFAT software) from non-contrast CT. We have shown epicardial fat measured by this clinical research tool to be associated with coronary atherosclerosis, coronary calcium progression, major adverse cardiovascular events and myocardial ischemia.
  • Standardized measurement and characterization of coronary plaque from coronary CT angiography (AutoPlaque software). We have shown low-attenuation noncalcified plaque quantified from coronary CT angiography predicts ischemia and future adverse cardiac events.

Contact the Dey Lab

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