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Personal Statement

I am a clinician-scientist interested in the use of clinically generated data to inform new scientific discovery and the integration of novel tools into clinical pathways to improve the value of cardiovascular care delivery. My lab focuses on leveraging the electronic health record, as well as other administrative and clinical datasets, to identify opportunities for improvement in care quality and efficiency. As a noninvasive cardiologist and board-certified hypertension specialist, my efforts are on reducing the burden of hypertension among vulnerable populations and helping clinicians improve control of blood pressure at a patient and population level."

Joseph E. Ebinger, MD

  • Clinical Decision Support Tools Integrated at the Point of Care Can Improve Quality and Decrease Costs
  • Significant and Important Differences Exist Between the Sexes in the Trajectory of Blood Pressure
  • Earlier High Blood Pressure Onset Associated With End-Organ Dysfunction
Meet Our Team

While the Ebinger Laboratory collaborates with countless individuals to perform our research, you’re invited to learn more about our core team members.

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