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Gonzalez-Hernandez Lab

Personal Statement

I believe that at least part of the answers to the great unknowns about diseases (how they originate or spread, how they evolve and why treatments work for some people and not others, for example) can be found in text contained in the myriad of publications, records and statements by researchers, clinicians and the patients themselves. If only we enable the systematic analysis of such data, taking care of accounting for biases and other barriers, significant progress can be made towards actionable health solutions. That is my goal and that of my team, to work with domain experts to develop the most advanced natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods to help answer these questions."

Graciela Gonzalez-Hernandez, PhD

Breakthrough Research

The Gonzalez-Hernandez Lab has been a pioneer in integrating natural language processing and artificial intelligence for digital epidemiology. Our language processing methods are open to the research community and are designed for portability, with applications to mining information from real world data such as electronic health records, published literature and social media. In the last 5 years, we have made available advanced tools like DeepADEMiner, Kusuri, and SEED for extracting adverse events, medication names and symptoms mentioned in Twitter and electronic health records.


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Laboratory Team

Job Opportunities

We are actively recruiting students and postdocs to be our colleagues and expand lab knowledge and expertise to make important breakthroughs.


The Gonzalez-Hernandez Lab collaborates with a wide range of investigators within Cedars-Sinai and institutions around the world.

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