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Reagents and Resources

  • Zeiss Stereo V12 M2 Bio System Microscope, with transmitted-light equipment and cold-light source Zeiss CL 9000 LED CAN (D Day Light Filter CL LED). Fluoroscopy filters KSC 296-49030 — indocyanine green, KSC 296-814D GFP Cube Bandpass, KSC 296-818D Texas Red Cube, KSC 296-820D DAPI Cube
  • Microscopy Camera Axiocam 105 color with driver software, USB 3.0 PCIe
  • Aushon Multiplex Cirascan Imaging and Analysis System hardware and software settings, including CCD Imager with built-in display
  • CD31 immunofluorescence protocols for mice and human tissue
  • Ki67 immunofluorescence protocols for mice tissue
  • αvβ3 immunofluorescence protocols for human tissue
  • Endostatin immunofluorescence protocols for human tissue
  • Modified C57/BL6J mice ischemia model of synangiosis
  • Modified C57/BL6J mice model with parietal window for live vascular immunofluorescence visualization
  • Histological and immunostaining techniques for rodent whole-head sample

Contact the Gonzalez Lab

127 S. San Vicente Blvd.
Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, Suite A6600
Los Angeles, CA 90048