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Goodridge Lab

Personal Statement

We study monocyte and tissue macrophage heterogeneity, pathways and mechanisms of monocyte production and the diverse roles of microglia (the brain’s resident macrophages). We are also interested in sex differences and the impact of aging, as well as macrophages as targets and tools to treat human diseases."

Helen Goodridge, PhD

Breakthrough Research

We are defining how the origins of monocytes and macrophages shape their functional diversity and investigating how aging and sex differences impact their behavior and their influence on other cells and tissues.


Learn more about the recent research publications from the Goodridge Lab.

Laboratory Team

Job Opportunities

We are actively recruiting students and postdocs to be our colleagues and expand lab knowledge and expertise to make important breakthroughs.


The Goodridge Lab collaborates with a wide range of investigators within Cedars-Sinai and institutions around the world.

Contact the Goodridge Lab

8700 Beverly Blvd.
Advanced Health Sciences Pavilion, Eighth Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90048