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Structural Biology and Molecular Therapeutics
Personal Statement

I am trained as a structural biologist working on receptor biology relevant to cancer and immunology. I have expertise in biophysical, biochemical and biological studies, together with knowledge of immunology, which is my unique strength in receptor biology. My research interest revolves around correlating protein’s structural flexibility and its function."

Ramachandran Murali, PhD

The long-term goal of the Murali Laboratory is to understand the structural and molecular basis of cancer mediated by immune system and cellular growth machinery using structural biology. The Murali Lab’s guiding philosophy is that the complex molecular events mediated by ErbB receptors and some members of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily (TNFRSF) are responsible for tumor growth, resistance and metastasis of several solid tumors including those of breast, prostate, pancreas and lung cancer.

Internal Collaborations


Research Techniques

In vivo and in vitro models of tumorigenesis, retro/lenti/adeno-viral transduction, cDNA cloning, qPCR, recombinant protein production and purification, biochemistry, flow cytometry and cell sorting, microscopy, knockout and RNAi technology, X-ray crystallography, computational biology and drug discovery.

Research Resources

The protein crystallization room is equipped with Leica high-power microscopes, crystallization incubators, and crystals-mounting areas. The laboratory is also equipped with Rigaku MicroMax 007HF X-ray diffraction and Linux workstations for structure determination, an FPLC for protein purification, an isothermal calorimetry (VP-ITC) unit (MicroCal, MA) for thermodynamics studies, a differential scanning calorimetry (VP-DSC) unit from MicroCal/GE for designing crystallization experiments, a Zetasizer Nano ZS particle characterizer, and SPR-based system (SensiQ Pioneer).

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