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Personal Statement

I am trained as a structural biologist working on receptor biology relevant to cancer and immunology. I have expertise in biophysical, biochemical and biological studies, together with knowledge of immunology, which is my unique strength in receptor biology. My research interest revolves around correlating protein’s structural flexibility and its function. In this regard, I have focused on the role of members of ErbB and TNF receptor superfamily in cancer and immunity. Over the years, I have made significant advances in molecular engineering and understanding the functions of cell surface receptors by developing pharmacological agents that include new paradigms in structure-based peptidomimetics (e.g., Herceptin mimic) drug discovery. Currently, our research is focused on understanding how ErbB, members of TNF receptors and constitutively activated transcription factors, promote premalignant cells to malignant cells, and how immune cells are affected by these molecules. Using a structure-based approach, we are interested in developing pharmacological agents for therapeutics and combining them with cell surface receptor–targeted peptidomimetics for imaging and drug delivery.

Contact the Murali Lab

8700 Beverly Blvd.
Davis Building, Room 5007
Los Angeles, CA 90048