Panopoulos Lab

The long-term research goals of the Panopoulos Laboratory are to harness the power of stem cells to provide innovative and clinically relevant advances in targeted cancer therapeutics and regenerative medicine. Our work focuses on utilizing human somatic cell reprogramming to identify and target novel embryonic mechanisms that are exploited in cancer, and as an avenue to discover fundamental aspects of normal and aberrant hematopoietic development.

Personal Statement

My research training in stem cell biology/reprogramming, hematopoiesis and oncogenesis provides the foundation for the central questions of my laboratory. We pursue fundamental and clinically relevant research questions that are at the intersection of these fields."

Athanasia Panopoulos

  • Identification of novel embryonic mechanisms utilized by aggressive cancer cells.
  • Development of nanotechnology-based approaches to target embryonic mechanisms in aggressive cancers.
  • Combining reprogramming with genomics analysis to identify novel mechanisms regulating normal human blood cell development.
  • Development of human leukemia models using reprogramming.


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