Lab Members

Timothy Birkland, PhD
Lab Manager

Timothy Birkland, PhD, earned his PhD in microbiology and immunology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been working with the Parks Lab since 1995. Currently, he is directing and winding down Parks' research program at the University of Washington in Seattle. Birkland's projects include the role of MMP10 in lung infection and in models of chronic cigarette smoke exposure.

Elizabeth Dimitrova, MS
Research Associate III

Elizabeth Dimitrova, MS, a native of Bulgaria, earned her BS from Louisiana State University and an MS in translational medicine from Imperial College London. From 2011 to 2014, she worked in the Department of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology at UCLA and recently joined the Parks Lab. Her project explores how specific glycosaminoglycans control proMMP activation and activity.

Maryam G. Rohani, DDS, PhD
Project Scientist

Maryam G. Rohani, DDS, PhD, earned her DDS from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran, and her PhD in oral biology from the University of Washington in Seattle. She joined Parks Lab as a postdoc in 2009, and she currently directs projects on MMPs in skin repair and scarring.

Ying Wang, MS
Research Associate IV

Ying Wang, MS, completed her medical undergraduate training in Beijing and earned an MS in physiology from the University of Manitoba. She has worked in the Parks Lab since 2004. In addition to contributing to many projects in the lab, Wang oversees the mouse colony and administration.

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