Pisarska Lab

The Pisarska Laboratory is a reproductive biology laboratory with two major areas of focus:

Ovarian Physiology

We are conducting research to determine how the ovary functions and why some women experience premature oocyte and follicle depletion leading to premature ovarian failure. We have focused on a gene known as forkhead L2 (FOXL2) that, when mutated, leads to premature ovarian failure. We are also conducting research on how certain tumors of the ovary, specifically granulosa cell tumors, develop. Different types of FOXL2 mutations lead to granulosa cell tumor formation; we are trying to understand how different FOXL2 mutations alter granulosa cell function leading to tumor formation and follicle depletion.

Molecular Determinants of Pregnancy Outcomes
Ovarian Physiology
Our research has looked at mutations in a gene encoding a forkhead transcription factor, forkhead L2 (FOXL2), which, when mutated, leads to premature ovarian failure (POF) in patients with blepharophimosis, ptosis, and epicanthus inversus syndrome. We have conducted a number of studies on the localization and functional characterization of FOXL2. 
Molecular Determinants of Pregnancy Outcomes
We have already identified a number of genes that are differentially regulated in pregnancies conceived from couples with infertility compared to spontaneous conceptions. We have identified differences in a number of growth factors and transcription factors that may regulate early implantation, and we are currently studying their roles in early implantation.
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