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Rogers Lab

The Rogers Laboratory focuses on cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Research conducted in the Rogers Lab stems largely from the pioneering work of Eduardo Marbán, MD, PhD, who mentored Dr. Rogers as a postdoctoral scholar. The Marbán Lab was first to isolate and characterize cardiosphere-derived cells (CDCs), a type of heart progenitor/stromal cell now in advanced clinical trials. Initial studies documented the reparative benefits of CDCs when delivered directly into dystrophic hearts. Subsequent research showed CDCs to be effective in dystrophic hearts and skeletal muscle when delivered intravenously – a clinically preferable method. This work motivated a Phase II (HOPE-2) and Phase III (HOPE-3) clinical trial to repeatedly deliver allogeneic CDCs intravenously to human patients with advanced-stage Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Headshot of Russell G. Rogers, PhD
Personal Statement

Russell G. Rogers, PhD, is a muscle biologist with a passion for using scientific insights to develop safer and more effective therapies for heart and skeletal muscle diseases. Over the past decade, he has pursued lines of research motivated by questions of relevance to human health. His discoveries have directly impacted the lives of patients, for whom little alternative options exist."

Russell G. Rogers, PhD

  • Discovery and development of next-generation biological therapies
  • Innate immunity in the response to tissue injury and repair
  • Role of extracellular vesicles in cell-cell communication
  • Epigenetic remodeling in disease development and progression
  • Molecular mechanisms of fibrogenesis and identification of anti-fibrotic targets
  • Development of novel in vivo and in vitro models to study disease and therapeutic mechanisms

Meet Our Team

Learn more about the scientists, researchers, and other healthcare professionals of the Rogers Laboratory, whose dedicated efforts lead to groundbreaking discoveries.

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Contact the Rogers Lab

8700 Beverly Blvd.
Davis Research Building, Room 1088
Los Angeles, CA 90048