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Personal Statement

As director of the Oppenheimer Atherosclerosis Research Center at Cedars-Sinai and PI of the Prediman Krishan (P. K.) Shah Laboratory, I am leading several studies that focus on heart disease prevention and treatment. Our lab has discovered the atheroprotective and atheroregressive effects of recombinant mutant apolipoprotein (ApoA-I Milano) and led its development into a therapeutic strategy."

Prediman K. Shah, MD

The P. K. Shah Laboratory has identified a number of novel genes such as tenascin C, pleotrophin (PTN), GATA3 and KLF14 that have potential implications for inflammation, atherosclerosis and obesity-metabolic syndrome. We are currently evaluating their role in murine models of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, left ventricular remodeling and obesity.


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