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Personal Statement

Problems with neuromodulatory signaling are central to many human diseases, from addiction to movement disorders. Over the past decades, the scientific community has gained significant understanding of the general principles of neurotransmission, including the regulatory mechanisms of neurotransmitter release. However, very little of this research has been conducted in neurons that release neuromodulators, and recent evidence suggests that neuromodulator release differs from the release of fast synaptic transmitters like glutamate. Uncovering the mechanisms behind neuromodulatory signaling is crucial for understanding how these molecules work to assure normal brain function, and what goes wrong in disease states.

Katlin Silm, PhD

Breakthrough Research Areas

  • Molecular mechanism of neuromodulator release
  • Presynaptic regulation in information processing and brain function
  • Role of neurotransmitter co-release in reward processing and movement disorders

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