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Tomasi Lab

Post-Translational Modifications in Alcoholic Liver Disease and Cancer

The primary goal of the Tomasi Laboratory is to understand the role of post-translational modifications in the development and progression of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) and breast and liver cancers. Leading the Tomasi Lab is Maria Lauda Tomasi, PhD. Tomasi is a pioneer in the fields of sumoylation and phosphorylation in ALD, and more than five years ago she began using a proteomic approach to identify the candidate therapeutic targets. The Tomasi Lab is expanding its research to study some key sumoylated players in breast cancer under conditions of alcohol abuse as well. The lab has been using in vivo silencing of targeted proteins to slow the progression of ALD and cancer to limit the development of these diseases.

The Tomasi Laboratory is affiliated with the Cedars-Sinai Department of Medicine.

Personal Statement

Maria Lauda Tomasi, PhD, has been working in the field of altered signaling pathways in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) for nearly 15 years. She earned her master's degree from University of Southern California (USC) in molecular biology and her doctorate at University of Turin in Italy with highest honors in molecular pathology and oncology. She earned several competitive fellowships from the University of Sassari, Italy, and USC. Tomasi also has an academic appointment as an assistant professor in medicine."

Maria Lauda Tomasi, PhD

  • Restoring the Normal Sumoylated Proteins Expression in Alcoholic Liver Disease and Cancer Using a Proteomic Approach In Vivo Model
Meet Our Team

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Contact the Tomasi Lab

110 N. George Burns Road
Davis Building, Room 3094A
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Fax: 310-423-0653