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Wolf Lab

Headshot of Andrea J. Wolf, PhD
Personal Statement

At UCSF, I studied the initiation of the adaptive immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis with Joel D. Ernst, MD, and my thesis research focused on developing methods of quantitating and characterizing the subsets of phagocytic cells infected by M. tuberculosis in the lung and lymph nodes, followed by an examination of how the delay in movement of infected cells to the draining lymph nodes contributes to delayed onset of the adaptive immune response and chronic nature of the M. tuberculosis infection. I then joined the Underhill Lab at Cedars-Sinai and studied the importance of Dectin-1 and Card9 to the antifungal immune responses and how human polymorphisms in Dectin-1 and Card9 impact disease, as well as studied NLRP3 inflammasome in response to bacterial cell wall peptidoglycan. My laboratory focuses on how degradation of bacteria and fungi by phagocytic cells alters the inflammatory responses and the metabolism of the phagocytic cells."

Andrea J. Wolf, PhD

The Wolf Laboratory studies the response of phagocytic cells to the cell wall of gram-positive bacteria. The bacteria-derived sugar, n-acetylglucosamine, interferes with the phagocytic cell’s metabolism and triggers an inflammatory response. The Wolf Lab is studying the importance of glycolytic metabolism to phagocytic cell inflammatory response during infection and inflammation.



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The Wolf Laboratory has an open position for a postdoc. To apply, please apply online for the Postdoctoral Scientist - Wolf Lab position.

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110 George Burns Road, Davis 4092
Los Angeles, CA 90048